Sunday, October 18, 2009


Update: As of September 8, 2013, we now have five designs of thecas available for you to choose from as pictured above. Please note that an increase in price from our supplier has led to a slight increase in our prices. When ordering please indicate the letter(s) of the style of the theca(s) you would like. Cost: $14.95.

We have received this theca directly from Rome and it is in perfect condition. This is a lovely gold finished empty relic theca. The theca measures 1.5 inch across and about .5 inch deep. It is comprised of 5 parts: The front face, crystal lens cover, back piece, circular red fabric inside and finally, a finely detailed clip so that it may even be worn.Inside this theca one of the postulators would place the name and small particle of a saint for public veneration. It is usually accompanied by an authentic attesting to its genuine nature.Since this one is empty, it has numerous uses. One use is to place the relic of a saint when the original theca is damaged. Many Christians safely house relics in them or use them for other religious purposes.Aside from religious purposes, many mothers and grandparents have used these thecas to place small mementos of children such as locks of hair, first teeth and tiny pictures all appropriate to the size of this theca.They are available from us at the price of only $14.95, plus shipping and handling within the U.S.
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