Friday, May 19, 2006

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Relics of Saints fall into three categories:

First Class Relic is the body, flesh, hair or blood of a Saint. These are considered so precious that they are rarely entrused to individuals, but are placed in churches, monasteries or convents.

A Second Class Relic is an item or piece of an item used by the Saint, for example: clothing, Bible, Breviary, Mass vestments, and so on. Again, second class Relics are considered so precious that they are rarely entrused to individuals.

First and Second Class Relics usually are encased in a locket and are accompanied by official church documents.

A Third Class Relic is something that has been touched to the body of a Saint. Generally, the Third Class Relic is a piece of cloth, but it need not be, as long as the item so touched conveys holiness and is touched with the intent that it be a third class Relic. Third class Relics may be given to individuals, and may be sold.

We have been told that we have the largest selection of Third Class Relics available. We have the relics of over 150 different Saints. Our Third Class Relics are a piece of cloth that has touched a saint and are beautifully crocheted along the edges. They are great for carrying in your wallet or pinned to your clothing. They also make wonderful gifts for someone who has a devotion to a certain saint.

We offer these Third Class Relic Badges for only $1.00 each plus shipping in U.S. Dollars. We accept checks or money orders only.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at and put the words "relic badges" in the subject.

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